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Reasons to lose weightYou will meet your health advisers for a health plan appointment to set goals and sign up to a 26-week education programme. Each week you will cover a range of topics including portion sizes, food labels, menu planning, recipes, helping you change your food habits & choices along with encouragement to get you moving.

There are a wide range of activities to suit your needs which include; walking, swimming, cycling and circuits. You can get involved in a group or go alone, you may even meet new friends!

The meetings are held at a local leisure centre, Ennerdale, Woodford, or Costello.

Our team will give you the knowledge, skills and support to take away and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

  • Weekly support
  • Face to face or virtual classes
  • Food diary
  • Activities passes  

PLUS access to lots of other Hull city activities.

To begin your own weight loss journey contact our team to find out where your nearest class is.

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